Chinese Pulled Noodles – Lanzhou La Mian Restaurant in Battambang

Battambang-Lanzhou-lamian-WindowOnAsiaOrgHave you ever eaten handmade noodles? Handmade Italian spaghetti, German spaetzle, or hand-pulled Chinese noodles? Factory produced and processed noodles can’t even apply to play in the same league :-). The owner of my favorite lunch restaurant in Battambang pulls noodles out of fresh dough – by hand – interesting to watch and very delicious to eat. You can either have fried noodles or a noodle soup and have the choice between beef, chicken, pork, and prawns plus vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, do not fear. He also offers his noodles with tofu and a healthy load of veggies. In addition to his noodle dishes, the owner makes fantastic dumplings, filled with minced meat, spices, and vegetables. Have them boiled, fried, or deep fried. Mix your own dip with garlic, chilies, vinegar, and soy sauce. Delicious!  The restaurant also has quite a few rice dishes on the menu, and  in case you get bored, just ask for something completely different. If the place is not too busy, the boss will pretty much do any Chinese dish for you.

The boss (man on the on the shop sign and the photo above) is originally from Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province in Northwestern China. He moved to Cambodia a few years ago and initially worked as a cook in Chinese restaurants in Phnom Penh. Luckily, he met his wife there and decided to setup shop in Battambang.

Apart from being an inexpensive choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the restaurant is also a good place to meet locals, expats and fellow travelers, and listen a bit to what’s going on in town. carrotsporkegg-WindowOnAsiaOrg


Lanzhou La Mian is on Road Number 2, next to the Bus Stop Guesthouse in Battambang, Cambodia. For a map on Battambang, click here.

What is your favorite noodle dish? BanMian-WindowOnAsiaOrg

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